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Recycled Outdoor Furnishings

Recycled Outdoor Furnishings

Our Recycled Outdoor Furniture is maintenance-free, full outdoor use, forever lasting, high-end outdoor furniture crafted from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic that has the look and the textured feel of wood. All of this furniture is made in Michigan. HDPE is a naturally flexible polymer and molds to your body for exceptional comfort; yet, it’s warranted not to crack, break, splinter or peel because it won’t breakdown or become brittle from the sun or cold. Unlike most other plastics, the material used to fabricate the furniture is considered colorfast. It will not fade more than 3% over a 10 year period; a color change that is generally not noticeable to the human eye. The color runs throughout each piece and has a UV-inhibitor incorporated into the material to minimize the chance of any discoloration.

All of the screws and fasteners used in manufacturing our products are a high grade of stainless steel. We also countersink any hardware on surfaces that might come in contact with your skin to minimize scratching or snagging any clothing. Some assembly is required on most orders that are shipped.

Our recycled plastic benches can be personalized with your logo, company name, tag line or any other promotional phrase to further enhance your community image.  Or you may want to show appreciation for or memorialize an employee or community member.  This can be done through engraving and resin filling a bench board(s) or by insetting a plaque which is offered in plastic or bronze.

Whether it’s to promote your business, employees, community or just to provide an outdoor space for people to sit and socialize, our recycled plastic outdoor furniture will offer a long-lasting solution.